Breaking Dawn part 2 Movie Review & Reaction (Spoiler Alert!)


Having just watched Breaking DawnPart 2, I think I should be the one to tell you this is a must see! It has action, drama, tear jerkers and a twist that even I didn’t see coming. If you don’t believe me, let me tell you what happened.

(Spoiler Alert! If you haven’t seen the film and DON’T want to know what happens, stop reading now!)

First, it starts off all slow, since Bella has finally been turned in to a vampire and she has to get used to it. After she meets her daughter for the first time, she nearly kills Jacob when she finds out that he imprinted on Renesmee. Anyway let’s skip the introduction and go straight to the end, since this is the main event, especially since a lot of both the Collins, the werewolves and the Volturi all get killed! ( This is the part that confused everyone since it didn’t happen in the book). Here’s where the tear-jerkers come in, since Carlisle, the sincere vampire doctor and father, dies first.

Let me tell you, everyone in the movie theater including, me was shocked to the point of almost crying. Of all the people to have die, it had to be the nice vampire doctor, who even the werewolves can’t help feeling sorry for! Then Seth and his sister, Leia, die, which is also a tear-jerker, because Seth was so young and of all the werewolves, he liked and respected vampires before anyone else. Leia’s death is also sad because she never liked vampires in the first place, but get this — she risked her life and died so Esme, the mother of the Cullen family, could live. Then Jasper, the vampire who could make you feel any emotion he wants you to, also died. For some reason I feel like crying when Jasper died.

Now lets go on to the Volturi. All of the main Volturi were killed: Caious, Marcus, Jane ,Filix, Alic, and Aro. So with all of the Volturi dead, who was in charge of keeping order?. Yea, Now here’s the twist. Are you ready? You sure? Okay here it is: all of the fighting that just happened was all a vision that Alice showed Aro, so it never really happened. Crazy right? I told you it was a twist, didn’t I? Alice showed Aro her witness and then, and then the Volturi walk away like cowards.

All in all, Breaking Dawn 2, Part 2 is the best movie in the Twilight series.  If you like the books and the first three movies, you will love this exciting and suspenseful finale!





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